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Samsung Announces It’s Building Its Own Metaverse

Samsung continues to keep up with the evolving technologies of the internet world. The company’s next goal is to build its own metaverse. While many companies from various sectors continue to release NFT collections, the growing metaverse landscape on the internet is also advancing and evolving.

A few days ago, we shared with you the proposed Turkish equivalent of the metaverse. Just as the metaverse sparked controversy when it first emerged, the proposal for its Turkish equivalent also sparked similar discussions.

However, it seems that the platform, which has generated a lot of debate, continues to make significant strides. Companies are accelerating their efforts to be part of this development. Following Vestel and Spotify’s initiatives in the metaverse world, Samsung announced that it would create its own metaverse universe.

New details may come in the launches that will take place in the coming days.

Samsung Announces It's Building Its Own Metaverse

Samsung is making frequent appearances with new initiatives and developments these days. In recent months, the company opened its first metaverse store, creating a buzz in the industry. The next goal for the company, which is actively involved in metaverse innovations and closely follows developments in the virtual world, is to create its own metaverse.

No further details have been shared about the company’s metaverse plans, but Samsung Vice President Han Jong Hee stated, “We will create a metaverse version of Samsung.

Help us come up with innovative ideas and bring them to life. We will launch metaverse devices and solutions to enable users to experience new encounters.” For details on the Metaverse, it was mentioned that more information could be provided in upcoming launches.

Well what does it mean?

As you are aware, Samsung has frequently made headlines with its NFT collections and involvement in the virtual world. The company even introduced the latest technological devices in the metaverse, garnering significant attention.

The announcement that the company is establishing its own metaverse suggests that we may soon witness the introduction of new devices within its own virtual universe. While there isn’t much detail on the subject in the statements, the phrase ‘Samsung’s metaverse version’ has likely sparked various ideas for many. For example, exploring Samsung’s virtual universe and having different experiences for a product you want to buy from Samsung could be intriguing.

Details about Samsung’s metaverse universe may take a little longer to emerge. However, the news has already excited metaverse enthusiasts. We will have to wait and see what awaits us in this new universe, offering experiences different from what we are accustomed to in the metaverse.

Perhaps we might witness the introduction of the company’s own cryptocurrency or an NFT marketplace embedded in the universe. As new developments unfold, we will continue to share them with you.

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