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Red phone looking for new talents in Metaverse

Publicis Groupe Benelux, which wants to add new Web 3.0 capabilities to its structure, turns its route to the metaverse for recruitment.

Acting on the fact that the talent that will shape the metaverse is already in the metaverse, the agency is waiting for the talents to reach it through the huge red dial phone in Decentraland. By placing the old-school dial-up technology in a whole new universe, talent is invited to take a short break from the virtual world and show themselves in the real world.

Red phone looking for new talents in Metaverse
Red phone looking for new talents in Metaverse

According to Eva Devos, Co-CEO of Publicis Groupe Belgium, marketers and agencies have a responsibility to grab people’s attention whenever they communicate, and the metaverse is no exception. “Brands and agencies will play a key role in the transition from the real world to the virtual universe, if they can understand what drives people there,” Devos said.

Metaphone is a bridge between universes and a new way for us to tap into the creative talents that understand the metaverse and help us build it. All they have to do is answer the metaphone,” she commented.

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