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Protocon to Launch Metaverse NFT Platform

Blockchain project Protocon has announced a strategic partnership with Open Meta, a web3 company that designs and builds software for game developers that allows them to build within the custom Metaverse.

In the strategic business agreement, the parties will create a Protocon Metaverse NFT platform that allows users to experience a variety of Metaverse content.

Protocon Metaverse NFT Platform

Protocon to Launch Metaverse NFT Platform
Protocon to Launch Metaverse NFT Platform

OpenMeta Co. Ltd operates Open Meta City, a proprietary Metaverse real estate platform. With its launch in January, Open Meta sold 106,000 apartments in 10 different districts of Seoul. The platform enables any potential buyer to sign a true unit subscription in a Metaverse environment. It also experienced a shrinkage of 6,000 to 1 as of June.

According to the announced agreement, Protocon will create a new and innovative environment with users’ various Metaverse content. For this, it will work in partnership by combining blockchain technology with Open Meta’s Metaverse platform. In addition, the parties will provide technical support in the development of the NFT trading platform. Moreover, they will act together for co-marketing in advising and promoting the platform. Open Meta CEO Heejong Park and Protocon CEO Myung-san Jun made the announcements, respectively.

We are excited to partner and collaborate with Protocon on the Metaverse project . Also, excellence in blockchain technology and Protocon’s business development capability will allow global users to interact in an always-on digital environment.

Protocon has proven the perfection of its technical solutions in the market. They also securely link blocks by issuing sequential statements about the contract model, which is an alternative to smart contract and real hash technology. Our partnership with Open Meta perfectly matches our vision of creating a global blockchain-based Metaverse platform.

About Protocon

Protocon is a network project that develops fundamental and practical solutions to various challenges faced by blockchain technology in terms of speed, security and ease of use. Also, Protocon explains its solutions one by one with a set of tools. The previously published part 1 uses contract model technology that can replace Ethereum-style smart contracts. Also, chapter 3 will introduce the PBFT-based decentralized network technology adopted by Protocon. Between these two parts, chapter 2 is explained. Also, chapter 2 deals with facthash technology, which significantly improves security by improving data validation across networks. Protocon, Web3stands for Protocol Economy Network, a blockchain project for building technology. The mainnet has been developed since 2019 and is officially scheduled to be operational in August this year.

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