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Pringles Enters Metaverse World

Snack maker Pringles is entering the metaverse market, offering players the chance to win $25,000 for acting as NPCs in Train Sim World 2.

It is now undeniable that interest in the metaverse world that snack maker Pringles plans to join by offering fans the chance to get paid to take on the role of an NPC in Train Sim World 2 is growing.

While the concept of the metaverse has recently been denounced by Phil Libin, CEO of virtual presentation software owner Mmhmm, and other industry heavyweights, many major tech companies continue to pursue such initiatives. From Epic Games and Bandai Namco to SEGA and Microsoft , it’s clear that influential participants in the tech and gaming spaces believe the metaverse is an important part of the near future.

Pringles Now Steps into the Metaverse

Pringles Enters Metaverse World
Pringles Enters Metaverse World

This odd job listing is actually part of Pringles’ “ Stay in the Game ” advertising initiative; The result of a collaboration between the company and UK-based advertising company Gray London. The nominees were selected at the end of June and the winner will be announced on July 11. It’s a weird way to tie Pringles and the $25,000 draw to trending gaming topics like the metaverse, but the company had already stepped into the gaming world with a Halo promotion in 2021.

Another bizarre collaboration took place in 2020 when the company was thought to have accidentally leaked the price of the Xbox Series X through an ad. The speculative selling price of about eight hundred dollars was obviously wrong, but oddly enough, Pringles and Xbox got together once again; Central to this bizarre advertising effort, Train Sim World 2 is available on Xbox Game Pass.


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