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Poll: 77 percent of Gen Z want to work in Metaverse

The rapid development in technology also changes business life. The idea of ​​working in virtual offices arouses excitement in the hope that it will reduce work stress and increase creativity and productivity. It is thought that 77 percent of the young generation Z office workers in the USA will work in Metaverse within 5-6 years.

Technological developments around the world are rapidly reshaping daily life. Remote or hybrid working models, which have entered the lives of large segments with the effect of the pandemic, are becoming the new normal.

The concept of the virtual workplace, which emerged with Metaverse, arouses excitement in the business world with the opportunities it offers in terms of creativity, collaboration and productivity.


Poll: 77 percent of Gen Z want to work in Metaverse
Poll: 77 percent of Gen Z want to work in Metaverse

According to a survey conducted by ExpressVPN with 1,500 employers and 1,500 employees in the USA, 77 percent of young people, called Generation Z, expect to work in virtual offices on Metaverse platforms in a short period of 5-6 years.

70 percent of the employees think that working in Metaverse will reduce their work stress and increase their motivation and productivity.

Cerebrum Tech Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. Erdem Erkul said, “More than 80 percent of the employees prefer the hybrid or remote working model. In this model, both companies save money and the mental-physical health, job satisfaction and creativity of employees increase. Especially the new generation thinks that the virtual business world will make working life easier. Generation Z employees are even more eager to work in hybrids due to their knowledge in technology use. This model will determine the business life more and more day by day due to its advantages in terms of sustainability . ”


The biggest concern of employees about virtual work environments is the thought that employer oversight will increase.

61 percent of those surveyed by ExpressVPN fear that employers will save their snapshots and screenshots on Metaverse.

Pointing out that employee expectations have changed now, Erkul said, “In the classical work order, everyone’s task distribution and place in a hierarchical structure were clear. Today, people want to work in less hierarchical work environments where individual autonomy can be achieved. Gartner research reveals that 75 percent of remote workers have increased expectations for flexible working. Employees are no longer solely focused on money. Concepts such as individual satisfaction, private life and family are prioritized. Employers need to keep the psychology and motivation of the employees high. No matter how much life changes in the future, it will still be human at its center. Organizations have to be more human-centered because when employees feel that they are perceived as ‘individuals’ rather than ‘supervised’, their productivity increases,” he said. 

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