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Participation in the “Al yearbook” trend is increasing: How to use the artificial intelligence application “EPIK”?

A trend known as the “AI yearbook” has taken social media by storm. Generated by an app named EPIK, these images allow users to envision how they might have appeared if they were the “popular kid” in high school. But what exactly is this “AI yearbook” phenomenon? And how does one navigate the AI-driven EPIK app?

Participation in the "Al yearbook" trend is increasing: How to use the artificial intelligence application "EPIK"?

New trends on social media emerge continuously, and the “AI yearbook” trend, which has recently captivated the online community, is a prime example. Users are harnessing artificial intelligence to craft images that give off a nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of a ’90s high school yearbook photo.


Photos that create the impression of the 90s are created through “EPIK – AI Photo Editor”.


Many users, including celebrities, share posts with the hashtag “Al yearbook” on various platforms, from Instagram to X (Twitter).



  1. Download the EPIK app (available for both iOS and Android).
  2. Select “AI Yearbook”.
  3. Upload 8-12 selfies of yourself.
  4. Choose your gender.
  5. Choose a payment option.
  6. Select “Create Yearbook Images.”


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