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Open AI Temporarily Shuts Down Subscribing to ChatGPT “Because It’s Being Used Too Much”

Open AI has recently announced a significant change regarding ChatGPT, one of the world’s most popular AI-supported chatbots.

The company has temporarily halted its “ChatGPT Plus” subscription service, which was available at $20 per month.

While existing subscribers can continue using ChatGPT Plus, new potential subscribers will need to wait for the service to become available again.

Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, shared details about this development. According to Altman’s statement, users interested in the ChatGPT Plus subscription can register through ChatGPT to receive notifications when the service is reactivated.

The reason behind Open AI’s decision to temporarily suspend new subscriptions remains to be further clarified.

ChatGPT Plus uses are booming

Open AI Temporarily Shuts Down Subscribing to ChatGPT "Because It's Being Used Too Much"

In a recent major event, Open AI announced upcoming new features for ChatGPT, including the ability for users to create personalized versions of the chatbot.

Furthermore, a new system was introduced for monetizing ChatGPT. These developments led to a significant increase in the use of ChatGPT Plus subscriptions and the AI-powered bot, compelling the company to halt new subscription purchases.

Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, stated that the usage of ChatGPT Plus has surpassed the company’s operational capacity, leading to a temporary suspension of new subscriptions. Altman did not provide any details regarding when the subscriptions might be available again.


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