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Nike buys metaverse company that makes NFT shoes

After Facebook’s announcement, metaverse investments accelerated. Sports brand Nike has announced that it has acquired a company that produces shoes as NFT.

The virtual universe step has come from Nike, one of the world’s leading shoe and sportswear manufacturers. 

The US-based company announced that it has acquired a company called RTFKT Studios. The official price of the sale was not disclosed. However, the company raised $8 million in investment in May. 

With this investment, the company’s valuation was $33.3 million.  

RTFKT Studios  produces shoes for the metaverse. The shoes produced are sold as NFT (non-Fungible Token). 

With this step, Nike has invested in the future of the virtual world. Metaverse firm RTFKT Studios had put up for sale the works of a young artist named FEWOCiOUS.

Combining virtual with real shoes, 600 of these designs were sold in less than six minutes. The company earned $3.1 million in revenue from these sales. 

Nike buys metaverse company that makes NFT shoes
Nike buys metaverse company that makes NFT shoes


Immutable Token (NFT), also known as digital art or digital collectibles. Immutable Tokens; a tweet, a painting, a picture, a memory, a gif, a football player card, etc. can represent objects.

Immutable tokens are also known as CryptoKitties but this is a complete mess. CryptoKitties is an unchangeable token marketplace that allows you to digitally own a cat figure. Due to its popularity, it is used to identify immutable tokens.


The ‘metaverse‘, which can be translated into Turkish as ‘virtual universe’, enables users to connect to a world that exists on the internet.

The metaverse, which is seen as an enhanced version of virtual reality technology, is also described as a fictional universe.

The word metaverse is formed by the combination of the words “meta” (meaning beyond) and “universe”. The term also appeared in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash.

Metaverse offers a shared 3D virtual environment where people can shop, subscribe to services, collaborate with colleagues, play games and even customize the surrounding landscape to their personal tastes and needs. Metaverse allows people to enter the digital world rather than the digital realm.

For example, users can project themselves elsewhere in the form of a hologram. It is stated that the Metaverse can be imagined as an embodied internet that one can enter instead of just looking at it.

It is noted that the metaverse, which will be based on reality, will allow users to interact with each other with real human images by digitizing their real physical environment, unlike cartoonish avatars in pre-created virtual worlds.

It is known that the concept of metaverse has been depicted in numerous movies and video games such as The Matrix, Pokemon Go, Minority Report, Ralph Breaks The Internet, Black Mirror.

Facebook executives define the metaverse as an environment where people can feel like they are together while playing games or doing research.

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