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NFT and metaverse attack from Youtube against TikTok and Instagram

NFT and metaverse moves are also coming from Youtube, the world’s largest video platform. At the beginning of the year, after CEO Susan Wojcicki mentioned NFTs in a speech in which she announced her goals, a blog post came from the platform and it was stated that solutions were created to store NFTs in a much safer environment, and that developing technologies would be used for this.

In a blog post it shared today, Youtube talked about the metaverse and NFT steps it plans to implement for the year 2022. The platform stated that it wants to take advantage of emerging technologies to reduce fraud in the rapidly growing digital art market and offer a better display of game content.

Youtube, which is in a relentless race with Instagram, which belongs to Meta company, and TikTok, the rapidly growing social media platform of the last period, announced last month that it is researching Web3 technologies such as NFTs created by video clips, artworks and other digital assets.

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“NFTs verification system will give confidence”

NFT and metaverse attack from Youtube against TikTok and Instagram
NFT and metaverse attack from Youtube against TikTok and Instagram

In the statement made today, it was also written that NFTs can be protected in a much safer area on Youtube, and in this sense, an important detail was given for the first time. The platform stated that they are seeking several solutions, including verifying the legality of the assets using the video storage section:

“Users; Ensuring that exclusive videos, photos, artworks and even the experiences of the people who created these products are verifiable will be attractive features for both creators and their fans.”

Watching videos together on Metaverse

Youtube also gave details about the metaverse after the NFTs were safely stored. Although not certain, it was stated that watching videos together in the metaverse is one of the options being worked on, and it will focus more on the gaming industry. It was also written that the goal is to make the games more realistic.

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