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Next generation ‘online dating’ app from Metaverse

‘Internet dating’, which has picked up speed with the worldwide scourge, is turning out to be increasingly normal. This new application, made inside Metaverse, is planning to open another period in dating.

Online dating is thought to dominate 80 percent of the modern dating world. According to experts, the reason why people focus on online dating is because of the difficulties of natural dating. 

Metaverse is one of the most well known online applications today. This virtual world, which originally showed up on a scholarly premise in Neal Stephenson ‘s sci-fi novel Snow Crash [Parasite] distributed in 1992, met with the Internet clients of current times with Metaverse , which was rejuvenated by Facebook in the previous years.

Dating Center: PLANET THETA

Let’s talk about dating… Planet Theta , developed by Fireflare Games , has the distinction of being the “first dating app” to be published on the Metaverse platform . Aaron Kizer , chief operating officer of FireFlare Games , describes it this way: 

“With its unique ability to connect, you can really get to know the people on Planet Theta. You can update your avatar and meet new people with an app on your phone…” 

Paul Brunson , one of the world’s most well known go betweens, additionally addresses the gamble remove a portion of augmented reality. As indicated by Brunson, “There’s a critical expansion in risk taking, also hazardous dangers, but rather you can get things done here [Planet Theta] that you can’t do, in actuality, and that is a decent thing…”

Next generation 'online dating' app from Metaverse
Next generation ‘online dating’ app from Metaverse


According to the Digital Anti-Hate Center , although there is no risk of physical attacks on Metaverse, its users have been found to be abused every seven minutes. This includes bullying, racism and threats of violence, it said.

Then again, Nina Jane Patel , who lives in London, the capital of England, guaranteed that her symbol was badgering on Facebook’s virtual stage Horizon in the previous weeks .

“In something like 60 seconds of entering the stage, three male symbols came towards me and contacted my symbol improperly. They took screen captures when they contacted the top and lower part of my symbol’s body ,” Patel said.

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