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New Partnership for Metaverse Projects from HTC

The rapid development of the metaverse industry is evident as companies continue to make strategic moves.

HTC, renowned for its smartphones and VR glasses, has entered the metaverse arena by partnering with Pixiv, a Japan-based virtual community platform.

This collaboration aims to introduce anime-style 3D avatars on the VIVERSE metaverse platform.

Joseph Lin, President of VIVERSE, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating that it will significantly augment the number of virtual characters in VIVERSE, catering to users with a preference for anime and manga styles.

The collaboration involves leveraging Pixiv’s VRoid, launched in 2018, which allows users to customize 3D characters, generating over 10,000 avatars daily.

New Partnership for Metaverse Projects from HTC

HTC stands to benefit from this feature, enhancing the diversity and appeal of VIVERSE’s virtual character offerings.

Pixiv, with over 81 million users and a repository of more than 100 million works of art, primarily in the Japanese illustration, manga, and fiction styles, aims to expand its reach by venturing into the metaverse field.

The metaverse market is experiencing substantial growth, as indicated by a report from research company Technavio.

The report forecasts a significant increase in the metaverse land market, reaching $5.36 billion by 2026, with an impressive annual growth rate of 61.74 percent. This underscores the immense potential and investment opportunities within the expanding metaverse landscape.

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