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New Metaverse Platform: XperVerse

BITES Defense, which stands out with the latest technologies it has developed in the defense industry, introduced the national metaverse platform XperVerse. The digital universe developed by BITES Defense, one of the subsidiaries of ASELSAN, offers important opportunities for Turkish companies.

The national platform “XperVerse” was developed for the ” Metaverse ” digital universe , which brings together the virtual world and the real world . The digital universe developed by BITES Defense, one of ASELSAN ‘s subsidiaries, offers important opportunities for Turkish companie

New Metaverse Platform: XperVerse

BİTES Education and Digital Programs Program Manager Aydanur Toker Özel talked about the XperVerse development process.

The XperVerse platform, which has accomplished successful initiatives in the fields of education, health and military, continues its activities in tourism, insurance and corporate activities. XperExpo covers fairs and events, and MiliVerse covers activities carried out in the military field.

CityVerse is among the most innovative solutions of XperVerse, which was created for the city, EduVerse for education, CorpVerse for corporate, MediVerse for health, HRVerse for human resources and KamuVerse for public offices.

Aydanur Toker Özel stated that they aim to become a global brand in this sector.

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