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Netherlands Embraces the Metaverse

The Netherlands, known for embracing certain technologies and having favorable conditions for adopting the Metaverse, ranks among the most prepared countries, topping the list.

While the Metaverse and digital reality experiences continue to draw significant investor interest, whether prepared or not, there are certain regions globally that are more technologically equipped for a digital future.

Internet and telephony research firm Uswitch has conducted a study to determine which countries are better positioned to adopt the Metaverse.

Uswitch’s research involved analyzing a mix of factors, including broadband speeds, the cost of broadband packages, the prevalence of financial startups in the blockchain space, and the volume of high-tech exports. This approach helped identify the countries with the infrastructure and capacity to embrace the Metaverse effectively.

Netherlands Embraces the Metaverse
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The research indicates that the Netherlands ranks as one of the most prepared countries for adopting the Metaverse, thanks to its favorable conditions and appeal to various technologies. The study highlighted that the Netherlands boasts one of the highest average fixed broadband speeds at 106.51 Mbps. Furthermore, last year, the country generated nearly $6,000 per capita in high-tech exports.

In a separate study focusing on consumer coverage in the Metaverse, the Netherlands once again secured the top position.

Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and France are other countries that are close behind the Netherlands in Metaverse readiness. These top five countries are also recognized for their strong interest in Web3 technologies. Malta, in particular, has established itself as a significant hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Additionally, the United Kingdom and the United States were ranked 7th and 12th, respectively, in terms of Metaverse development areas.

Netherlands Embraces the Metaverse

Despite the recent upsurge in the Web3 space, the development of the metaverse continues at a rapid pace.

In related news, Animoca Brands has revealed its acquisition of a majority stake in a new music metaverse gaming platform. This announcement follows closely on the heels of the company’s declaration of its intention to establish a billion-dollar fund dedicated to metaverse development.

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