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Move Digital Allocates Resources to Metaverse and GameFi

Metaverse and GameFi, which stand out as some of the most notable offerings of blockchain technology, continue to captivate global interest.

Kristof Schöffling, CEO and founder of the blockchain consulting firm Kristof, announced that his company will expand into the realms of Move Digital, Metaverse, and GameFi.

Move Digital to Increase Resource Transfer to Metaverse and GameFi

Move Digital Allocates Resources to Metaverse and GameFi
Move Digital to Dedicate Resources to Metaverse and GameFi

Interest in the Metaverse has remained high around the world since its inception. While many major technology companies are making substantial investments in the Metaverse, Move Digital has announced its decision to allocate resources towards the Metaverse and GameFi.

The metaverse sector experienced significant challenges during the cryptocurrency “crypto winter” last year. Although many large companies have stated they believe this period is an optimal time for incubation and innovation, data regarding user engagement and usage suggested otherwise.

Schöffling, CEO and founder of the consulting firm Kristof, foresees that we are on the cusp of widespread adoption of Metaverse gaming environments. As a result, he deems it prudent to direct Move Digital’s resources in this direction.

Having been involved in the decentralized gaming industry for a significant period, Kristof Schöffling, an entrepreneur in the Blockchain industry since 2015, will now focus on expanding into the Metaverse and GameFi sectors.

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