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Microsoft launches artificial intelligence chip

Microsoft recently unveiled its Arm-based chip, designed for general-purpose programming operations, alongside its chip tailored for artificial intelligence.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, the culmination of years of multi-faceted work by the company’s engineers has led to the development of an integrated system featuring two specialized chips.

The first chip, named “Microsoft Azure Maia AI Accelerator,” is optimized for artificial intelligence tasks and generative AI.

The second chip, the “Arm-Microsoft Azure Cobalt CPU,” is an Arm-based processor engineered to handle general-purpose programming operations on the Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft launches artificial intelligence chip

According to Microsoft’s statement, these chips represent the final component in the company’s vision to deliver infrastructure systems that are comprehensively designed and can be optimized for both internal and customer workloads.

The statement also noted that these chips will start being deployed in the company’s data centers early next year. Initially, they will power services such as Microsoft Copilot and Azure OpenAI Service.

Moreover, the statement emphasized that Microsoft aims to join forces with a growing range of industry partners.

This collaboration is aimed at meeting the increasing demand for efficient, scalable, and sustainable computing power provided by these chips, as well as addressing the needs of customers eager to leverage the latest cloud and AI innovations.


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