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Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Deep Search on Bing

Microsoft has introduced a groundbreaking feature for its search engine, Bing, named “Deep Search,” which enables AI-powered searches. This feature leverages the GPT-4 model to provide users with more detailed and comprehensive results.

The US-based tech giant, Microsoft, has developed this innovative feature to enhance the search experience on Bing. With “Deep Search,” users can conduct internet searches through the GPT-4 model, allowing for more in-depth results.

The operational logic of Microsoft Bing’s new feature deviates slightly from the traditional search engine experience. Users will continue to enter Bing and input keywords as if performing a regular search. In the background, GPT-4 will generate text related to these keywords, which will then be queried on the internet. In the final stage, a new algorithm will come into play, ranking and presenting the best results for the user.

Here’s what Deep Search will look like:

In an illustrative example of how the Deep Search feature functions, Microsoft conducted a search related to loyalty programs in Japan. The user’s query on Microsoft Bing was: “How do loyalty points systems work in Japan?” GPT-4 transformed this simple input into a more detailed and comprehensive request:

“Provide an explanation of how the various loyalty card programs work in Japan, including the benefits, requirements, and limitations of each. Include examples of popular loyalty cards in different categories, such as grocery stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. Show a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of using loyalty cards compared to other payment methods in Japan, including the rewards and benefits available. Highlight the most popular services and participating vendors.”

Acknowledging that artificial intelligence can sometimes misinterpret user input, Microsoft has incorporated a crucial sub-feature into Deep Search. Users will be presented with multiple options that align with their search intent. If there is a discrepancy between the user’s intention and the AI-generated result, the user can choose the most appropriate option, ensuring accurate and relevant results.

Microsoft states that queries conducted through Deep Search will be answered in approximately 30 seconds. Recognizing that this time frame is longer compared to traditional search engines, Microsoft recommends that the Deep Search feature be optional, to be utilized only when detailed information is required. Although not yet available to everyone, this feature appears to promise users a distinctive and enhanced search engine experience.

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