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The design of the Microsoft HoloLens 3 revealed: Here are the images

A significant development has emerged regarding Microsoft’s highly anticipated HoloLens 3 AR/VR headset, hinting at a potentially more budget-friendly pricing structure than initially anticipated.

This revelation comes at a time when augmented and virtual reality technologies are experiencing heightened interest, particularly in the wake of the Metaverse trend.

While Apple has garnered attention with its recently unveiled Vision Pro, Microsoft remains a key player in the market, consistently innovating with its HoloLens series.

The latest insights into the design of the forthcoming HoloLens 3 shed light on Microsoft’s commitment to advancing immersive experiences.

With the Metaverse serving as a catalyst for increased investments in AR and VR, the unveiling of HoloLens 3 could mark a significant milestone in Microsoft’s contributions to this rapidly evolving landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, the prospect of a more accessible price point for HoloLens 3 underscores Microsoft’s dedication to making cutting-edge AR/VR technology widely available.

The design of the Microsoft HoloLens 3 has been revealed

The design of the Microsoft HoloLens 3 revealed: Here are the images

Numerous reports in the past had suggested the cancellation of HoloLens 3, but last year, Microsoft refuted these claims, affirming the program’s vitality and excellence. Recent filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office now provide insights into the potential features of HoloLens 3, hinting at a groundbreaking modular design that seamlessly integrates both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

This modular approach allows users the flexibility to acquire additional components based on their specific requirements, presenting a prospect of enhanced privacy, adaptability, and affordability in mixed reality technology.

The patent documents describe the modular design, stating, “The modular sensor and display module may contain a standard interface for connection to various docking systems, including, for example, headband, VR headset, eyeglass stems, helmet and the like.

In some embodiments, another module can be provided, such as a rear link module that can provide auxiliary computing, storage, and power supplies for the modular sensor and display module.”

While the existence of a modular HoloLens 3 is not confirmed by the patent, it suggests Microsoft’s exploration of innovative designs to stay competitive in the evolving AR/VR landscape.

The growing popularity of AR/VR technology underscores the importance of staying ahead in the market, possibly motivating Microsoft to bring such plans into fruition and prevent market dominance by competitors, particularly in the face of Apple’s influence.

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