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Microsoft Changes the Name of ChatGPT’s Cousin “Bing Chat”: Here’s the New Name

Microsoft has revealed a name change for its AI-powered chatbot Bing Chat, now rebranded as “Copilot.” This decision was announced during Microsoft’s “Microsoft Ignite” event, which recently took place with the participation of NVIDIA’s CEO.

The event primarily focused on artificial intelligence technologies, where Microsoft showcased its latest AI-driven technologies.

Bing Chat, one of Microsoft’s most popular AI tools reaching end-users, is trained using the GPT model from the company’s search engine, the same technology that powers ChatGPT.

It functions as a chatbot designed to assist users. Microsoft disclosed the chatbot’s name change as a part of the Ignite events.

Bing Chat is called “Copilot”


Microsoft has renamed Bing Chat to “Copilot.” In the coming days, users accessing Bing Chat will be greeted by Copilot instead.

The reason behind this decision is linked to Microsoft’s introduction of an artificial intelligence technology named Copilot a few months ago. This technology is designed to act as an “assistant” across all of Microsoft’s products and services.

Therefore, the renaming of Bing Chat to Copilot is aimed at reducing confusion among users and establishing familiarity with the Copilot name.

Additionally, this change eliminates the name similarity with ChatGPT, the most popular chatbot in the market.


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