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Microsoft Announces Hiring Sam Altman, Fired by OpenAI

In a recent development concerning the dispute between OpenAI and its former CEO Sam Altman, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has made a significant announcement.

Following the appointment of Emmett Shear, the boss of Twitch, as OpenAI’s new interim CEO, Nadella confirmed Microsoft’s acknowledgment of OpenAI’s decision.

Satya Nadella’s statement revealed that Greg Brockman, a co-founder of OpenAI who resigned in the wake of Altman’s dismissal, will now be working within Microsoft. Nadella also mentioned having discussions with Sam Altman regarding the new roles that Brockman will assume at Microsoft.

This move signifies a notable transition for Brockman and indicates ongoing collaborations between Microsoft and individuals formerly associated with OpenAI.

Those who left OpenAI will lead a new artificial intelligence unit at Microsoft


*Second from left is Sam Altman, and Greg Brockman is on the far right.

According to the Microsoft CEO’s post on X, Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will lead a new artificial intelligence research division that Microsoft will establish.

Statement by Satya Nadella:

Microsoft remains steadfast in its partnership with OpenAI, expressing confidence in its product roadmap and its capacity for innovation, particularly following the announcements at Microsoft Ignite. The company is also committed to continuing its support for customers and partners. Microsoft eagerly anticipates collaborating with Emmett Shear and the new leadership team at OpenAI. In a significant development, Microsoft has announced that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, along with their colleagues, will be joining Microsoft to spearhead a new, cutting-edge AI research team. Microsoft is prepared to act swiftly to provide the necessary resources to ensure the success of this new team and their pioneering AI research initiatives.

First statement from Sam Altman: The mission continues

Quoting Satya Nadella’s post, Sam Altman said, “The mission continues.” Greg Brockman, who moved to Microsoft with Sam Altman, did not make a statement on the subject.

Satya Nadella: “I can’t wait to see what you do.”

Satya Nadella has responded to a post by Sam Altman. The response reads as follows:

I’m thrilled to have you join this new group as CEO, Sam. Over the years; GitHub, Mojang Studios, and LinkedIn We’ve learned a lot at Microsoft about how to give founders and innovators the space to build independent identities and cultures, and I can’t wait for you to do the same.


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