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Metaverse’s ancestor returns: Second Life’s ‘second life’

Second Life, which was founded by Philip Rosedale in 2003 and is one of the first examples of virtual life, came to the fore again with the popularization of Metaverse and joined the competition that started between technology giants.

The year is 2003. There was no Facebook, no Minecraft or Fortnite. There is a game called Second Life. Participants in the game had the chance to reinvent themselves. They dressed as they wanted, chose the profession they wanted, and shaped their bodies however they wanted. Religion, race, worldview… he lived a ‘second life’ without any boundaries . Of course online.

Even those who have nothing to do with online games or even technology have heard of Second Life because of the ‘strange forensic cases ‘ they find it difficult to make sense of. Those who went to court because they could not get the money for the land they sold in Second Life in the real world, those who got divorced due to virtual infidelity… For a while, life in Second Life was so hectic that Reuters News Agency opened a virtual office and sent a technology reporter to Second Life.

Today, those who are trying to understand what the metaverse is, can have an idea by visiting Second Life , where there is still a vibrant life with 900 thousand active members. For those who are curious about a little more, we also provide some details from the article published in the Wall Street Journal about Second Life and its founder Philip Rosedale.

Philip Rosedale released an online game called Second Life in 2003. Here, players could create and use their own avatars, socialize with other players and make purchases where money was transferred to the real world. Second Life was one of the first examples of virtual worlds that big technology companies are trying to create today.

Rosedale recently returned to Second Life as a strategic consultant, after leaving in 2010. Now his goal is to bring Second Life, one of the ancestors of the virtual world, to the forefront of the Metaverse race again.

Second Life

The number of users of Second Life is approaching 1 million.

First of all, everyone is trying to understand what the Metaverse is, but there is no ‘something that is’ yet. Still, all tech giants include Metaverse in their future visions and investment plans. It seizes every opportunity to involve more stakeholders in this field.

In short, the metaverse is the new playground for big tech companies looking for new revenue sources. For example, Facebook changed the company’s name to Meta in the last months of 2021 and announced that it would focus and have a say in this field. He announced that he will spend billions of dollars in the coming years to create his own mertaverse with virtual and augmented reality headsets, software and content. Likewise, big companies like Microsoft, chip companies, video game companies have already started working to become a part of online worlds where users can interact with each other. The mere mention of the Metaverse has increased Apple’s value.

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