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Metaverse Will Remake the Health Industry

The concept of metaverse, which we have started to hear in almost every field and preparing the technology age for a new evolution, has started to be one of the most invested areas today.

The concept of metaverse, which we have started to hear in almost every field and preparing the technology age for a new evolution, has started to be one of the most invested areas today. We are talking about a technology that technology giants have spent billions of dollars and that caused a company like Facebook to completely change its name and continue as Meta months ago.

We can easily see that this concept has begun to dominate in many sectors, from cryptocurrencies to the game industry, from the education system to military technologies. The health sector is at the forefront of all these sectors we mentioned. The health sector, in which billions of dollars are invested every year around the world, is rapidly affected by technological developments like other sectors. Especially with the help of artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, which are the most invested areas of recent times, a high rate of success has been achieved in disease diagnosis and medical education.


According to studies, a hospital produces an average of 50 petabytes of data each year, but 97 percent of this data is never used. Artificial intelligence algorithms are also effective in the emergence of new methods in diagnosis and treatment by putting this wasted data into appropriate formats and analyzing them. According to Eric Topol’s article published in the journal “Nature Medicine”, in the future, everyone in the healthcare industry, from specialist doctors to first aid workers, will use artificial intelligence technology.

It is inevitable that the health sector, which is so heavily affected by today’s technologies such as artificial intelligence, will also be affected by the concept of metaverse. So, how exactly does this concept, which we call the metaverse and defined as a new internet age, affect the health sector? Thanks to Metaverse, medical students will be able to receive education more effectively, and with the help of 5G technology, various surgeries will be performed without being physically present in that environment.


For example, a doctor in Istanbul will be able to operate on a patient in Tokyo without going there. With the surgeries to be performed using the 5G connection, distances are removed thanks to the delay-free image transmission. Thanks to this technology, it is possible for surgeons to better monitor the operations and to share interactive information, and its contribution to surgical training is enormous. With the help of such technologies, it will be possible to meet with doctors without going to the hospital in cases and diseases that do not require physical control.

Healthcare professionals will be able to diagnose and treat diseases such as COVID-19, which are at risk of transmission, risk-free through Metaverse. One of the biggest problems in medical education, cadaver and case practice deficiencies, will be eliminated with the virtual world contribution to be established by Metaverse. Students will be able to gain professional experience with scenarios to be set up in Metaverse under the supervision of their teachers in the virtual world.

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