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Metaverse will reach $800 billion

Multiversera Advisory Board Member Gökhan Say pointed out that the Metaverse market size is expected to reach 800 billion dollars in 2024, and emphasized that companies that will stay out of the game will have difficulty maintaining their existence.

Global Informatics Association (BIDER) and Multiversera Technology Investments are planning to invest in startups in the metaverse and complementary fields such as blockchain, crypto technologies, NFT and artificial intelligence with the funds they will establish.

Gökhan Say, Member of the Multiversera Advisory Board, said that the metaverse market size will increase to 800 billion dollars in 2024. Saying that this concept is described as “Life 2.0” that will replace the known life according to some, Say said, “However, even today, it has brought hundreds of millions of people together in games and even in virtual concerts, over 2 billion dollars of virtual land is sold, only technology giants such as Meta, Google and Microsoft.

It is a platform where even clothing and fashion giants such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga invest tens of billions of dollars.The most important market research institutions of the world will increase the metaverse market size, which is 40 billion dollars today, to 800 billion dollars in 2024 and 13 trillion in 2030 with a huge explosion. They predict it will reach $.

Metaverse will reach $800 billion
Metaverse will reach $800 billion

Underlining that an incredible digital transformation has been experienced in the last 10 years, Say said: “In the coming period, this transformation will turn into an unstoppable wave with supporting technologies such as Blockchain, NFT, VR, 3D modeling under the leadership of Metaverse, and that the remaining companies will stay out of the game.

It is not difficult to foresee that they will not be able to continue their existence. However, on the other hand, many companies have serious problems in following the developments in this field and making the right investments in parallel. and I believe that facilitating this challenging transformation will create a critical benefit.”

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