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Metaverse Weddings and Lawsuits: A Digital Frontier Emerges

Singapore’s Second Minister of Law, Edwin Tong, recently shared his vision for the metaverse, suggesting that processes like marriage, litigation, and government services might eventually be conducted within the metaverse.

Speaking at TechLaw Fest 2022 on July 20, Minister Tong mentioned that even highly personal events such as marriage ceremonies could occur online in the metaverse.

He stated, “Apart from the marriage contract, it is no longer unimaginable to provide other government services online via the metaverse.

” Minister Tong also discussed the potential for legal services within the metaverse, emphasizing that the pandemic has demonstrated the feasibility of conducting dispute resolution entirely online.

Metaverse Weddings and Lawsuits: A Digital Frontier Emerges

As an example, he mentioned the use of augmented reality (AR) technology to examine accidents in the construction field.

Minister Tong highlighted the benefits of augmented reality, allowing individuals to virtually explore the accident scene in three dimensions.

While Minister Tong acknowledged that traditional hearings wouldn’t disappear entirely, he suggested that leveraging integrated platforms within the metaverse could make the dispute resolution process more convenient, efficient, and adaptable to global advancements.

This perspective aligns with the evolving role of the metaverse in facilitating various aspects of life, and Singapore appears to be considering the integration of metaverse technologies into legal and governmental processes.

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