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Metaverse VR Becomes Galatasaray Jersey Sponsor

Our club has entered into a new collaboration with Metaverse VR, a company that has rapidly ascended in the gaming industry through its innovative projects.

Metaverse VR, actively engaged in both the latest and upcoming technological breakthroughs of this century, as well as the continuously evolving gaming industry, is lending its support to the success of the Galatasaray Sports Club in Esports.

Notably, Metaverse VR has become the neck sponsor for our Galatasaray Esports Team.

About Metaverse VR

Metaverse VR Becomes Galatasaray Jersey Sponsor

Since its inception on January 6, 2022, Metaverse VR has experienced a swift rise, garnering significant investor interest with its rapidly developed projects.

Initially, the company raised investments through the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange and subsequently made its presence felt on global exchanges like Hotbit, MEXC, and Bitmart.

Currently engaged in discussions with both local and international stock markets, Metaverse VR is poised to introduce the “Play to Earn” game to gamers worldwide. In addition to this, the company is collaborating with sports clubs through one of its simultaneous projects, the “VR” project.

As a part of its collaboration with Galatasaray Sports Club, Metaverse VR is offering sports enthusiasts a unique experience with special 360-degree footage captured inside the Galatasaray Football Team’s environment and Nef Stadium.

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