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Metaverse threat: The world of television is ending!

Experts warned television companies. With the development of the metaverse world, the world of television is coming to an end.

Television broadcasters are in a battle to gain and not lose their young audience. The era of television is coming to an end, especially with the abundance of options and the development of technology .

The situation becomes even more serious when it comes to the tempting world of the Metaverse universe. Experts warned that TV companies that want to stay on the agenda should adapt themselves to the fast-growing online entertainment world.

TV viewers under 35 have halved

According to statistics, while older consumers are hooked on television, viewers under the age of 35 have halved in a decade . This situation will decrease further with the development of Metaverse. Metaverse, which shows its effect in many areas of life today, includes games , 3D meeting places and various areas.

Metaverse threat The world of television is ending!
Metaverse threat: The world of television is ending!

As a result of this decrease in audience, television broadcasters will compete with game platforms such as Roblox , Minecraft and Fortnite , the pioneers of the Metaverse, to keep up with the youth . The effect of Metaverse in the USA has especially affected young people in the 9-12 age range. According to the study, half of these teens use Roblox at least once a week. Besides playing games, she does everything from watching concerts to hanging out with friends

Television commercials are another part of this challenge. But with the more open space of the metadata warehouse, brands will have more room to sell themselves and their products directly. In particular, brands such as Fortnite and Roblox earn millions with their sales . Dubit co-founder Matthew Warneford noted that broadcasters need to stop being tied to a borderline market for classic television programming.

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