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Metaverse overshadowed by artificial intelligence

For a while, expectations about Metaverse were very high. However, with the latest developments, the metaverse for businesses has been overshadowed by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence will likely change the face of business forever. Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have invested billions of dollars in artificial intelligence and have long been featured in science fiction novels.

The so-called ‘metaverse’ has been for a while one of the most exciting and valuable tools for businesses in the near future. Organizations were told to prepare for virtual meeting environments. With the rise of remote work during the pandemic, this seemed like a natural progression. But Mark Zuckerberg, the modern father of the meta-universe, has now reportedly abandoned his child and told executives to find ways to return to nascent productive artificial intelligence instead.

Metaverse failed to meet expectations?


The main failure to deliver the Metaverse technology was the lack of a coherent vision. The demo was shared because businesses were unaware of how they were trying to take advantage of virtual reality meetings or poorly rendered virtual environments. In this respect, we can say that Metaverse has lagged behind the progress in artificial intelligence.

Most businesses have bought full-time video conferencing, settled on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, and adopted the productivity apps they’re comfortable with. Many businesses, fed up with the paranoia of video conferencing and productivity, are eager to return to life before hybrid working. It will take much more than a Second Life reboot from top executives to wait for organizations to adopt bulky VR headsets or mocap suits.

The rise and fall of the Metaverse can be compared to the blockchain hype cycle. Many companies have tried to implement blockchain into their workflows, even with little financial benefit. In a nutshell, Meta faces tough competition in this market, with products like Google’s Bard and ChatGPT offering businesses good user experiences and hyperscaling accessibility. Meta has launched its own LLM, a model with 7 to 65 billion parameters called LLaMA. But shortly after its limited release, the model was leaked online and can be irreversibly stored in Bitcoin for anyone to access.

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