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Metaverse Lands in the Focus of Institutions

Metaverse plots, supported by blockchain networks and utilized with graphical interfaces, have started to reach prices around 1 million.

However, not all these virtual lands have achieved levels of success that satisfy their investors. Only industry pioneers continue to capture the largest market share, thanks to their dominance. This is because these projects are backed by players from the traditional and global economy.

Metaverse Lands in the Focus of Institutions

The interest of corporations has spurred the growth and development of Metaverse lands. Prominent companies worldwide have begun purchasing virtual plots from significant projects.

In discussing corporate engagement with virtual lands, Sebastien Borget, the Co-Founder of The Sandbox, mentioned that the platform has formed partnerships with over 400 brands and companies across various sectors globally.

Borget highlighted that these companies recognize the Metaverse’s potential for content and creativity and are keen to establish a presence in it.

A similar perspective was shared by a spokesperson from Decentraland. Hamilton emphasized that companies anticipating the future are already formulating a Metaverse strategy, indicating that global companies are also preparing to enter the Metaverse.

Metaverse Lands in the Focus of Institutions

Furthermore, Hamilton noted that they collaborate with hundreds of brands, planning activations throughout the year.

The sector’s development and institutional involvement suggest the possibility of a more efficient and comprehensive Metaverse environment in the future.

Yet, experiences to date also underscore the skepticism regarding the future returns of past investments in Metaverse lands.

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