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Metaverse Jobs: 10,000 New Opportunities Await!

The business world is increasingly interested in the metaverse, a domain where virtual and augmented reality converge. Research indicates that 44 percent of employees are keen on transitioning to the metaverse, anticipating enhanced productivity and new benefits.

With the ongoing digital evolution in the business sphere, the concept of the metaverse, first introduced in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash,” has gained momentum. Studies on this concept have intensified since 2020, accelerating the transformation.

In the metaverse, often referred to as the “virtual universe,” numerous municipalities, including Ankara, have started constructing their digital cities. Meanwhile, leading business enterprises are preparing to operate in this digital realm. Data analyzed by B2Press Online PR Service offers insights into the virtual universe from the business perspective.


Metaverse Jobs: 10,000 New Opportunities Await!

Various industries, ranging from real estate to textiles, technology to tourism, are integrating their business models into the metaverse. Data from Earth Web reveals that the virtual universe, valued at $46 billion in 2020, is projected to surge to $800 billion by 2024.

Some forecasts suggest the metaverse could reach a $1 trillion valuation within three years. Additionally, it’s anticipated that the growing influence of the virtual universe in the business sector will create 10,000 jobs over the next five years.

The metaverse, envisioned as an immersive extension of the physical world blending virtual and augmented reality, is expected to offer more practical and interactive experiences for businesses. Notably, 44 percent of employees express readiness to embrace the virtual universe.


Since the onset of the pandemic, business leaders have been adapting to new working models and are now gearing up for the metaverse.

According to recent findings, 51 percent of employees believe that the pace at which an employer adopts new technologies reflects their preparedness for emerging technological realities. Nearly half of these employees are open to working in the metaverse.

This data serves as a motivational force for businesses aiming to enhance both their revenue and productivity.


The business world is preparing to connect in virtual reality with people who are physically distant. However, the growing interest of employers in the virtual universe is raising several questions among employees.

Research data shows that 44 percent of employees are eager to transition to the virtual universe, believing it could increase their productivity and bring new benefits. In contrast, 59 percent express concern that their employers are not sufficiently investing in IT systems or lack the knowledge needed for a transition to the metaverse.

The shift to the virtual universe, viewed as a future investment area for both businesses and governments, necessitates the redesign of conventional applications.

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