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Metaverse Fashion Week: Where Fashion and Technology Collid

Metaverse Fashion Week took place on the virtual reality platform Decentraland, attracting the participation of many big brands and designers.

The event featured 70 companies showcasing their NFT collections. Notable brands like Estee Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dolce & Gabbana were among the participants.

The week-long event, starting on March 24, provided a platform for these brands to exhibit their creations in the metaverse. In addition to fashion, other virtual experiences, such as the Australian Open tennis tournament organized with JP Morgan’s involvement and Samsung opening a virtual store, were showcased on the Decentraland platform.

Sam Hamilton, the creative director of Decentraland, highlighted the increasing popularity of digital products and metaverse shopping experiences, emphasizing the significance of creating a space for self-expression and showcasing personal style through avatars’ wearables.


Sam Hamilton commented on the transformative nature of the Metaverse, noting that people tend to act more courageously and relaxed in this virtual space. He highlighted how this shift in behavior influences product development, creating opportunities for research and development as well as engagement in the crypto universe. Fashion Week in the Metaverse served as a practical use case for NFTs, offering attendees a glimpse into the possibilities of this emerging technology.

A dedicated space called the ‘Fashion district’ was established in Decentraland for Fashion Week, featuring fashion shows, galleries, and panels organized by brands. The virtual real estate for this area was acquired by Metaverse Group for $2.4 million in November.


Rarible, an NFT-focused platform, maintained a presence with a store called Rarible Street during the event.

Boson Protocol, which had previously acquired land on the platform to construct a shopping center in June, also launched a street of stores to showcase and sell its products.

Individuals interested in following Fashion Week could participate by visiting the Decentraland website and connecting their wallets. Additionally, attendees had the option to join the event in guest mode.

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