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MetaVerse Development Timeline: 5-10 Years for Full Readiness

Since the rebranding of Facebook to Meta and its proclamation as the company that will shape the Metaverse, interest in this digital world has exponentially increased. However, the surge in interest doesn’t guarantee an immediate realization of the Metaverse; significant technological advancements are required to bring Meta’s vision to life.

To create the promised digital universe, crucial breakthroughs are needed in the field of virtual reality (VR). Additionally, technologies like the haptic suite, which enhances the virtual experience, must become more functional and cost-effective to gain widespread adoption among the general user base.

So, given these considerations, how long will it take for this ambitious project to be fully implemented?

According to Meta, as stated during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 event, it will take 5 to 10 years for the Metaverse to be fully ready.

Meta envisions this digital universe as the future of the internet and social technologies. However, there are still obstacles to overcome, both on the hardware and software fronts, and it will take 5-10 years to address them comprehensively.

While Meta is a leading player in shaping the Metaverse, it’s not the only company exploring this digital frontier. Another company might introduce technology that shortens this timeline.

Nevertheless, Meta’s projection that its plans will be fully realized in at least five years suggests that a considerable wait is ahead to witness the true form of the Metaverse.

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