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Metaverse detail in Meta’s new Quest 3 title reveal

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, made waves in California with the introduction of Quest 3, Meta’s latest augmented reality headset. However, the details about the metaverse shared at the event left much to be desired.

With the consistent evolution of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, we continue to witness groundbreaking advancements, notably in gaming and live broadcasting. At last, Meta unveiled its novel glasses and headset, the Meta Quest 3.

He only said “metaverse” twice


Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Meta, personally graced the San Francisco launch and provided insights. A notable point of discussion was the term “metaverse”, which was influential in the company’s rebranding. Surprisingly, Zuckerberg mentioned “metaverse” just twice throughout the event, once during the introduction of the streaming glasses, Ray-Ban Meta.

What’s in Meta Quest 3?


The Meta Quest 3 will be the fourth installment released by Meta. Industry experts, having seen the predecessors Quest, Quest 2, and Quest Pro, describe the Quest 3 as “falling between the Quest 2 and Quest Pro.” Set to launch on October 10th, the Quest 3 will be available in two storage capacities: 128 GB and 512 GB, priced at $500 and $650 respectively. Meanwhile, the Quest 2 will still be available for purchase, most recently priced at $300.

Like its predecessors, the Quest 3 doesn’t require a console or PC connection to play games or access the internet.

The standout feature distinguishing the Quest 3 from its earlier versions is its shift from a primarily virtual reality focus to an emphasis on augmented reality.


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