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Meta’s One-Year Metaverse Loss $13.7 Billion

Meta shared the financial situation figures for the last quarter of 2022. Reality Labs, which maintains the company’s metaverse and virtual reality unit, posted a record loss this quarter as well. On the Facebook front, the faces are smiling. The number of daily active users exceeded 2 billion for the first time.

Facebook , which entered our lives with the initiatives of Mark Zuckerberg years ago , has taken a radical decision in recent years. According to this decision, the company would now be referred to as Meta, and would invest in metaverse technologies , which we can define as a virtual world in the simplest sense . The latest news suggests that Mark Zuckerberg may have made the mistake of his life .

Publishing the financial statement for the last quarter of 2022, the company announced that Reality Labs , which is responsible for the metaverse and virtual reality divisions , has lost $ 4.28 billion in the last three months. Reality Labs lost $3.67 billion in the previous quarter. Thus, we reach the conclusion that the unit’s expenditure in the last year is 13.72 billion dollars. From this, we can easily say that the company spends over 1 billion dollars a month for the metaverse .

Meta's One-Year Metaverse Loss $13.7 Billion
Meta’s One-Year Metaverse Loss $13.7 Billion

Meta earned $32 billion in the last quarter of 2022!

Meta made $32.16 billion in the last quarter of last year . 31.25 billion dollars of this money was recorded as advertising revenues. When expenses were deducted from all the money earned, the amount remaining in the safe was $4.65 billion. After Meta made the aforementioned statement, there was an explosion in the stocks. Meta stocks rose around 20 percent .

Meta’s financial statements for the last quarter were made by Mark Zuckerberg himself. Making evaluations for the year 2023, the businessman said that this period will be the ” productivity year “. Meanwhile; Let’s not go without mentioning that Meta has made mass layoffs as we enter 2023 and parted ways with 11 thousand personnel .

Facebook broke a historical record in the number of daily users!

Meta’s financial report for the last quarter of 2022 also includes an important aspect about Facebook . According to the official statement, Facebook reached 2 billion daily users for the first time in history . The platform, which has been on a steady rise in the number of active users for a while, reached 1.984 billion daily users in the previous quarter and 1.968 billion in the previous quarter.

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