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MetaMundo Launches Metaverse Custom 3D Marketplace

MetaMundo has recently unveiled the inaugural 3D marketplace dedicated to curating Metaverse spaces and entities.

This unique marketplace will showcase an array of 3D galleries, villas, music venues, parks, as well as spaces designed for avatars and vehicles. Notably, the platform will also facilitate the sale of exclusive NFTs created by renowned artists, architects, and designers.

MetaMundo 3D Metaverse Marketplace!

MetaMundo Launches Metaverse Custom 3D Marketplace
MetaMundo Launches Metaverse Custom 3D Marketplace

MetaMundo has officially launched the first 3D marketplace, offering NFTs compatible with various Metaverse platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland. The company is dedicated to building a visually stunning, interoperable, and open Metaverse.

In addition to providing a platform for NFTs, MetaMundo aims to establish an immersive 3D social internet where individuals can own and contribute through Blockchain technology. Co-founder Finn Hansen commented on the initiative, stating, “The market launch is our initial significant stride towards realizing this vision, allowing Metaverse users to collect NFTs for use across multiple virtual environments.”

Users can now explore the marketplace, featuring captivating scenes crafted by 3D creators Dutchtide and American modern architect Luis Fernandez. The Japanese Zen Art Gallery, inspired by Dutchtide’s Brutalist architecture, and Luis Fernandez’s oceanfront luxury villa are among the opening scenes, with the gallery domains priced at 0.8 ETH and Fernandez’s villa available for 0.5 ETH. MetaMundo has also announced weekly NFT printings for each 3D creation in its market.

Furthermore, MetaMundo is set to develop its own Ethereum-based NFTs specifically designed for 3D files. The company has created a conversion and optimization pipeline for content creators, allowing multiple 3D files to be included in a single NFT on MetaMundo due to its flexible Metaverse structure.

Every NFT sold on MetaMundo includes a 3D file package compatible with Metaverse platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, Spatial, and VRChat. The company assures that its technology will adapt to integrate with emerging Metaverse environments as they are developed.

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