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Meta Will Open 10 Metaverse Campuses

Metaverse-focused social media company Meta has announced that it will help universities bring their own virtual reality campuses online. The company will open 10 virtual campuses as part of the ‘Immersive Learning’ project, which aims to bring education to virtual reality environments. In addition, Meta will partner with Victoryxr, an Iowa-based virtual reality education startup. In addition, within the scope of this partnership, it will invest 150 million dollars in the venture.

Meta Will Support Metaverse Campuses!

Meta Will Open 10 Metaverse Campuses
Meta Will Open 10 Metaverse Campuses

One of the biggest applications of virtual reality and Metaverse technology is the possibility of realization of education and virtual reality classes. Social media giant Meta is trying to develop this idea. It will also help 10 universities launch their Metaverse-based campuses. One of them is the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), an online university. The university has more than 45,000 students. These students will now be able to meet in an online Metaverse to come together and share their experiences.

The University will offer five courses on the Metaverse campus at no additional cost compared to non-intensive courses. However, the number of headphones (required for lectures) that the university can lend to students is limited. Other institutions will also be a part of this project. These are the University of Kansas School of Nursing, New Mexico State University, South Dakota State University, Florida A&M University, West Virginia University, Southwestern Oregon Community College, California State University, Dominguez Hills, and Alabama A&M University.

Victoryxr Partnership

Meta will donate Meta Quest headsets to these organizations so students can get involved in the lessons . One of the goals of Meta’s Immersive Learning project is to increase students’ access to these technologies by partnering with organizations and universities. Part of Meta’s $150 million investment will serve to create headphones in partnership with Victoryxr, which designed the Metaverse campuses. Meta has also helped universities pay for the design and construction of these spaces, which cost $50,000 for a campus of five to seven buildings.

Steve Grubbs, the founder of Victoryxr, made a statement on the subject. In its description, ‘ education ‘ is an exciting use case for Metaverse. In addition, Meta Immersive Learning will allow creators around the world to gain skills for the Metaverse. Moreover, it will create immersive experiences for students.

Reality Labs , the Metaverse division of Meta , reported a loss of $2.8 billion in the second quarter of 2022. Comments are circulating that Meta’s return to virtual reality is causing the company to lose money. In addition, the company made its first bond issuance in August and sold 10 billion dollars of debt for investment. However, the CEO of the company, Mark, stated that the Metaverse is the future and this future will definitely exist. He also stated that they will earn much more than the amount that is currently considered to be damaged.

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