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Meta Explained! Discover the Future of Metaverse Identity

Meta has unveiled new metaverse identity features, outlining the prerequisites for accessing the virtual realm.

As part of their efforts to transition social media into the metaverse, Meta has provided instructions for entering this digital world.

According to the company’s announcement, users will now be mandated to have a Meta account and a Meta Horizon Profile in order to access Meta Quest VR titles.

This move underscores Meta’s commitment to establishing a cohesive metaverse experience with enhanced identity verification.

What is a Meta Horizon Profile and how is it created?

Meta Explained! Discover the Future of Metaverse Identity

Meta has introduced changes to the login methods for VR headsets, eliminating the requirement for Facebook or Instagram accounts to access Meta Quest VR titles and the virtual world of Horizon. Users are no longer obligated to link their Meta accounts to their Facebook or Instagram profiles.

While Meta still allows the creation of Meta accounts via these social media platforms, it is not a mandatory requirement. However, creating a Meta account through social media offers certain advantages, including the ability to share live broadcasts, messaging, and faster follower discovery.

Meta aims to encourage VR users to connect through their Meta accounts. Oculus account users will still have the option to sign in this way until 2023, after which the Meta Horizon Profile will be used in conjunction with the Meta account.

The Meta Horizon Profile will serve as users’ identities in the virtual world, enabling them to manage avatars and interact with their “followers.” Notably, Meta uses the term “followers” instead of “friends” in this context, which has sparked curiosity.

Meta also announced that the accounts of VR users aged 13-17 will be automatically set to private. The introduction of profile layers, such as “Public,” “Friends & Family,” and “Solo,” is intended to address privacy concerns.

These changes in metaverse identity reflect Meta’s efforts to create a more inclusive and privacy-conscious virtual environment. What are your thoughts on these new metaverse identity features? Feel free to share your views in the comments!

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