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Meta combines its own ‘metaverse’ platforms! He’s going to pull the plug on the app…

Meta has announced that it will merge its ‘metaverse’ platforms Horizon Venues and Horizon Worlds. It was noted that on June 6, Meta will deprecate Horizon Venues and integrate the platform into Horizon Worlds.

US-based social media giant Meta has announced that it will merge its ‘metaverse’ platforms Horizon Venues and Horizon Worlds. The company has been organizing three-dimensional virtual events within Horizon Venues since 2020. It has been stated that as of June 6, Meta will continue to carry out these virtual reality activities within Horizon Worlds, and within this scope, the Horizon Venues application will be unplugged.

According to the news of Metaverseplanet.net from VR Scout; On June 6, Horizon Venues will be integrated into Horizon Worlds. Thus, the platform, which hosts live virtual reality events, can now only be accessed through Horizon Worlds.



On the other hand, users aged 18 and over currently on Horizon Venues; It can participate in virtual events such as concerts, comedy shows and sports events. Meta users can travel on the company’s ‘metaverse’ platform in a 180-degree view. On the platform; You can explore the buildings, participate in optional virtual events, and socialize with other users.


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