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Memes and Metaverse Coins Soar as Bitcoin Declines

The cryptocurrency market is currently grappling with selling pressure following the European Parliament’s resolution to prohibit anonymous crypto transactions.

Data obtained from CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko indicates a 5% decline in both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

However, contrasting this trend, certain projects within the meme and metaverse coin market have witnessed substantial gains, with some experiencing increases exceeding 50%.

These 3 metaverse coin projects soared in double digits in the market drop

Memes and Metaverse Coins Soar as Bitcoin Declines

As covered by, the widely acclaimed metaverse platform MOBOX, seamlessly integrating DeFi and Gaming NFT, witnessed a substantial surge of over 30% in its value today.

A pivotal factor behind this notable uptick was the MOMOVERSE details disclosed by the MOBOX project on March 12, triggering an initial price surge of more than 40%. In the latest developments, the announcement of the momoverse launch and the momoverse alpha testnet, strategically timed to commemorate the project’s first anniversary, has undeniably piqued the interest of investors.

Within the Metaverse coin market, Meta Spatial (SPAT) and MegaCryptoPolis (MEGA) emerge as standout projects experiencing rapid ascension. A closer examination of the meme token market on April 1st reveals performances that have surpassed the 100 percent mark, underscoring the dynamic and swiftly evolving nature of the metaverse coin market.

Gains near 100% in meme token market

In line with the CMC and CoinGecko listings, it’s a common occurrence for meme projects with smaller volumes to experience significant surges, often driven by hype that can dissipate rapidly. On April 1, DogeGF (DOGEGF) claimed the top spot on the meme token leaderboard.

Another noteworthy meme project, JEJUDOGE, has managed to establish itself as a consistent presence among the top earners, especially following its recent NFT launch. The Solana-based meme token SWOLE secured a position in the top 5 with an 11% increase today, coinciding with a notable event – a 1 million SWOLE award-winning airdrop that transpired during the project’s day.

It’s important to note that such movements in the meme token market can be characterized by volatility, and the hype surrounding these projects may fade quickly.

  1. DogeGF ( DOGEGF )
  2. Donkey (DONK)
  3. Vita Inu (VINU)
  4. Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE)
  5. Swole Doge (SWOLE)

Concluding with the web3 coin market, Saito (SAITO), a recipient of a Web3 Foundation grant, has surged by more than 40% today, claiming the top spot on the green board. Saito operates by running blockchain applications directly in the browser, presenting a unique approach.

The Saito network stands out for its distinctive mechanism of compensating Internet Service Providers (ISPs) instead of relying on miners or staking, enabling Web3 projects to autonomously finance their operational expenses.

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