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Medcare Becomes Leading Hospital in Metaverse

The incorporation of one of Dubai’s hospitals into the virtual ecosystem marks a significant contribution to Dubai’s Metaverse strategy.

Medcare Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Dubai is poised to redefine telemedicine. Additionally, the hospital has announced its commitment to advancing its initiatives aimed at developing the healthcare sector.

Medcare Announces Metaverse Initiative!

Medcare Becomes Leading Hospital in Metaverse

As telemedicine gains global recognition, Medcare has announced its foray into the Metaverse. This esteemed hospital claims to be the pioneer healthcare provider to venture into the burgeoning virtual environment.

Meanwhile, another healthcare entity, Aster DM Healthcare, has declared plans to expand the Metaverse experience across all its UAE locations. This swift shift of healthcare providers to the Metaverse is propelled by the escalating demand for telemedicine services.

Alisha Moopen, the Associate Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare, stated that incorporating real-time medical consultations by experts into the Metaverse is set to replace traditional patient diagnosis and treatment methods. Telemedicine, which involves remote medical interactions using telecommunication devices, is seen as greatly benefiting from this integration with the Metaverse.

Medcare conducts over 20,000 virtual patient checkups annually. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a significant uptick in telemedicine usage, as more patients turned to this medium to consult with healthcare professionals. Consequently, there has been a substantial increase in users. Early 2021 witnessed a surge in these numbers as healthcare providers increasingly adopted remote methods for managing non-emergency patients.

Telemedicine Becomes the Pioneer of the Metaverse!

Medcare Becomes Leading Hospital in Metaverse

During the peak of the pandemic, many patients required urgent medical attention but found it challenging to discuss their concerns with doctors due to global quarantine and travel restrictions. Telemedicine emerged as a solution for facilitating doctor-patient interactions. However, it has its limitations.

Unlike traditional telemedicine through platforms like Zoom, Metaverse videoconferencing offers a unique experience. Patients can feel immersed in the hospital environment despite being physically distant. Building on this initiative, Medcare Women’s and Children’s Hospital plans to utilize VR/AR platforms to cater to specialist care seekers in Dubai.

With the introduction of the Metaverse, this approach is anticipated to be particularly effective. Patients won’t need to physically verify the hospital’s facilities. Moreover, the Metaverse will enable patients to schedule appointments with doctors regardless of their location in the city.

The Metaverse eliminates the need for patients to physically visit the hospital to experience its environment. Most importantly, the Metaverse is expected to save time and money for patients, offering a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare experience.

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