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Mark Zuckerberg Starts AI Work: Crucial for the Metaverse

In an interview, Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s Chief Technology Officer, mentioned that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is deeply invested in artificial intelligence research. “These efforts are crucial to many of the company’s investment domains, including the metaverse,” Bosworth noted.

Despite facing losses in metaverse investments recently, Zuckerberg has maintained a long-term perspective on the industry and harbors high expectations. He has expanded his focus to include the realm of artificial intelligence, with Bosworth providing insights into this strategic direction for Meta.

“It will also greatly benefit the Metaverse”

Mark Zuckerberg Starts AI Work Crucial for the Metaverse

In an interview with Nikkei Asia, Andrew Bosworth disclosed that Meta has initiated artificial intelligence research, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg deeply involved in this endeavor.

“CEO Mark Zuckerberg dedicates a significant portion of his time to AI research, involving both myself and our product manager, Chris Cox,” Bosworth explained. He emphasized that the metaverse stands to gain substantially from these AI advancements, highlighting their importance to the metaverse’s development.

Bosworth further suggested that, in the future, artificial intelligence will enable people to more easily create their desired worlds, broadening content creation to a much wider audience.

They did significant damage

Mark Zuckerberg Starts AI Work Crucial for the Metaverse

Reality Labs, a subsidiary of Meta, oversees the technological advancements related to the metaverse for the company. In 2022, it was reported that the company incurred a loss of $13.7 billion. Despite this, Meta achieved a total revenue of $116 billion last year, primarily from digital advertising. Digital advertisements constitute a significant portion of Meta’s revenue streams.

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