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Mark Zuckerberg begins work on artificial intelligence: “Important for the metaverse”

Andrew Bosworth, technology manager of Meta company, said in an interview that CEO Mark Zuckerberg seriously devotes time to artificial intelligence studies. “These studies will be important to many of the company’s investment areas, including the metaverse,” said Bosworth.

Mark Zuckerberg, who has lost especially in metaverse investments in the last period, has stated that he has a long-term view of the sector and has great expectations, and has also taken a hand in the field of artificial intelligence. The statement on the subject came from Andrew Bosworth, the CTO of Meta company.

“It will also greatly benefit the Metaverse”


In an interview with Nikkei Asia, Bosworth said that Meta has started artificial intelligence studies and CEO Zuckerberg is also doing serious work in this area:

“CEO Mark Zuckerberg devotes most of his time to AI studies. Much of this work includes myself and our product manager, Chris Cox. Metaverse will also benefit greatly from the research done. These are also important works for Metaverse… In the future, people will be able to make the world they want to create more easily by artificial intelligence. Content production will spread to a much wider audience”

They did significant damage

As it is known, Reality Labs, the sub-unit of the company, is responsible for the technological developments of Meta company regarding the metaverse. The company reported a loss of 13.7 billion dollars in 2022. Meta company generated $116 billion in total revenue from digital ads last year. Meta earns a very large part of its revenues through digital advertisements.

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