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Justin Bieber Performs in the Metaverse Universe

The artist gave a concert on November 18 where he could interact with the audience! Enthusiastic crowds gathered this time in the metaverse universe. Here are the details about that concert…

This time it caused a sensation in the metaverse universe, it became super meta!

There is no one who does not know Justin Bieber, the American artist, who is at the top of the charts in the world, made a quick introduction to the metaverse universe. Showing his interest in NFT and crypto at every opportunity, the artist gave a concert in the metaverse universe where his fans could participate and interact with him!

The artist announced his partnership with Wave for an interactive virtual experience!

The game combines real-time motion capture and live music performance, transforming Bieber into a digital avatar and presenting it as a source of interaction during the event on November 18. As previewed in the trailer, Bieber sang songs from his #1 album Justice ahead of his 2022 world tour.

All his fans were there!

Wave’s technology also gave the audience attending the concert the chance to be seen live alongside the singer and influence his performance and concert venues in real time. Long story short, it allowed the audience to interact with Bieber during his concert. Fans were able to access the concert free of charge on November 18 at 6 p.m. by registering via a link.

Here are Justin and his fans who participated in the concert interactively!

During the performance, fans had the opportunity to interact using a webcam or see their name on the screen.

Justin’s Grammy nominations followed one after the other, and this news was announced on the Wave Twitter account!

“GREAT SUCCESS @justinbieber today won 8 #GRAMMY nominations for album ‘Justise’, including Album of the Year. Celebrate with your favorite track and relive your best #BieberWAVE moments”

Here is that concert poster and Justin Bieber’s statements on the subject!


“I have great faith in Wave and love the platform as a new way to engage with my fans,” Wave investor Bieber said in a statement. said. “I’m excited to use this technology to bring people together and connect with fans around the world. I look forward to seeing this interactive performance.”

For those who are wondering, the full video shared by Wave on Youtube is here!

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