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Is It Possible to Earn Money on the Metaverse Play-Win Model?

Metaverse means a world beyond the universe and in the new world order where technology is so much in our lives, buildings, plots, etc., through virtual reality. Many transactions can be made. These exchanges are usually made using cryptocurrencies, and people in these virtual environments have the opportunity to spend time freely with their friends, attend events, and purchase goods and services. In addition to the many opportunities offered, the Metaverse play-to-win system is among the technologies that enable people to earn income while playing games in the virtual world.

Most of the Metaverse universes that exist today are powered by blockchain technology, and users need cryptocurrency or immutable tokens (NFTs) to transact in these virtual worlds. Many play-to-win games today have local cryptocurrencies and their own Metaverse universes , which they use both for transactions and for redeeming in-game assets and rewards .

What are Play-Win Games?

The play-to-win model financially rewards every user who adds value by playing and spending time in the gaming ecosystem. Recently, the gaming market has also attracted attention with its large investment of money from large venture capital firms. 24 blockchain-based gaming companies received $476 million in investment in the first half of 2021 alone. With the developing technologies, Metaverse play-to-win systems have started to become more and more common.

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How Does the Metaverse Play-Win Game System Work?

It is possible to use the game Axie Infinity as an example to explain how Metaverse play-to-win games work . Axie Infinity is a blockchain game created by Vietnamese developer Sky Mavis and currently has more than one million active daily users. In the game, which has a large user base , cute creatures called Axies attract attention. Users can breed, purchase and train Axies. The object of the game is to obtain an in-game coin called the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) , and with the obtained SLP, players can generate Axies . This gives users more winning advantage.

Another reason the players want to win as much as possible the SLP SLP crypto money is a crypto currency that can be traded on the stock exchange. Top performing players are said to earn 1,500 SLP ( $250 ) per day . Players also have the opportunity to sell their Axie creatures and in-game assets such as real estate and flowers as NFTs on an open market. Therefore, it is possible to say that Axie Infinity takes place in the Metaverse play-to-win economy. Players can turn their Axies and other in-game assets into monetary gains by earning SLP. It is possible for users on the Metaverse play-win system to get their time in return for money.

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