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Interpol opens office in Metaverse

Interpol, the world’s largest global police organization, has set up a dedicated team in Singapore to help governments combat crypto crimes. Also, Interpol has debuted in the metaverse.

Cyberbullying and fraud, which are among the biggest problems of today, have also attracted the attention of international police agencies. This time , Interpol has entered the metaverse. Users will be able to visit the Interpol headquarters in the metaverse and attend trainings about the digital world.

Interpol opens office in Metaverse
Interpol opens office in Metaverse

Interpol found the solution in its own metaverse project. The following details were noted in the announcement:

“As the number of Metaverse users grows, the list of possible crimes will potentially expand to include crimes against children, data theft, money laundering, financial fraud, counterfeiting, ransomware, phishing, and sexual assault and harassment.”

Interpol Metaverse allows users around the world to tour the Interpol General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, France, interact with other officers through their avatars, and even take extensive training courses in forensic investigation and other subjects.


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