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Intel:1000x Power Boost Needed for Metaverse

For the first time, Intel has made a statement about the Metaverse, stating that our current processing power is far from adequate for the Metaverse’s demands. The post suggests that more than a 1000-fold increase in existing processing capacity is needed for the Metaverse.

The Metaverse, which has been so influential that even Facebook has rebranded itself as ‘Meta’ to align with its future vision, will bring about a significant shift in human life by merging the virtual and the real. Naturally, such a change will not proliferate across humanity quickly or easily.

However, the rapid acceleration of technology might prove otherwise, evident if we look back just a decade.

We anticipate the arrival of the Metaverse and the integration of the virtual and real. But are our current computing capabilities and processing power ready for this? Intel, the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer, provides an answer. Despite its positive outlook on the Metaverse, Intel has flagged an issue.

Intel: 1000x Power Boost Needed for Metaverse

Intel points out the need to moderate expectations for the Metaverse, indicating our current processing power falls drastically short of the Metaverse’s needs. Raja Koduri, head of Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group and Senior Vice President, states:

“Our computing, storage, and network infrastructure are not sufficient to enable this vision today.”

Koduri suggests that we need a 1000-fold surge in current processing power, emphasizing that we are nowhere close. To grasp the magnitude of this, imagine a world layered with digital objects, with everything perfectly rendered in real-time, error-free.

This claim is supported by Meta’s VR domain, Horizon Worlds, which only allows up to 20 individuals in a space. This setting is a simple, undetailed design akin to Roblox. Even modern, high-end games like Battlefield 2042 permit up to 128 participants in a game.

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