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Influencer-Centered Metaverse Project Metafluence Opens the Doors to a New Era

Metafluence, the project that aims to bring together the leading influencers, their audiences and the brands interested in them in Metaverse, will perform its IDO on January 24. Influencers will be able to meet their followers on the platform, make sponsored advertisements in their areas and organize various events.

Metaverse , a brand new universe where today’s advanced technology is combined with virtual reality , opens the door to brand new opportunities with the projects developed. Metafluence, a project that aims to bring together opinion-leading influencers, their audiences and the brands interested in them through Metahut’s, announced that they agreed with BlueZilla to incubate and that they set January 24 as the IDO date. IDO will take place on BSCpad, MetaVPad and NFTLaunch, the best launchpads of the BlueZilla ecosystem . 


New generation “Influencer Marketing”

Metafluence, founded by Keepface, an automatic influencer marketing platform that connects more than 500 thousand influencers and more than 5000 brands, brings a new breath to “ Influencer Marketing ” studies. In the project, opinion leaders will be able to share their lifestyles, interact with their target audiences , collect and exchange digital artworks (NFTs) through Metahuts . They will also be able to collaborate with advertisers within Metafluence. 

Metahuts, the focal point of the project, are digital residences where influencers can come together with their own audiences and brands . Built like a private facility, these residences will be located in the heart of the city, close to plazas, shopping malls and other populated centers. Influencers will also have the freedom to customize and personalize their residences as they wish. 

What will happen in Metahuts?

There are a limited number of Metahut specially produced for influencers who will take part in Metafluence. Influencers will have the freedom to customize their Metahuts , which will have Event, Shopping and NFT rooms, and arrange audiences and audiences in their own way .

The Event Room in the residences will be the rooms that influencers can use to make meetings, shows, presentations or meet their audiences and organize various events . Influencers will be able to perform all their invitations and events in the digital residences they

The Shopping Room, as the name suggests, will be set up as a room where influencers can sell their own digital/physical products, promote the products of the brands they cooperate with , and sell sponsored products . In addition, influencers will be able to come together with brands in these rooms and make new sponsorship and cooperation agreements.

The NFT Room, on the other hand, will be designed as a virtual gallery where influencers can showcase their digital assets and collections or perform sales and exchanges. Also, Metahuts can be developed and updated by their owners . Thus, virtual dwelling owners will be able to rearrange their Metahuts in line with their needs and wishes.

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Influencers will take their place in Metaverse with Metafluence

The project aims to bring together opinion leaders and brands from all over the world. Regarding the details and vision of the project, Metafluence CEO Elvin Aziyev said , “ Metafluence will be a virtual city where influencers, their most loyal audiences and brands live. As social media evolves into the Metaverse, our vision is to create an influencer-centric ecosystem where influencers, their audiences and brands are easily involved in transparent and stimulating relationships. ” he said. 

It was announced that the project, which attracted global attention, included some high-level influencers, including Evan Luthra, one of the well-known names in the crypto world, and that they had already reserved their Metahuts and took their places in the project .

You can watch the trailer that explains the Metafluence project and Metahuts in more detail, which set out to create an Influencer-centered ecosystem . For detailed information on the subject, you can visit the official website of the project.

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