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Image and video editing features are coming to Facebook and Instagram with artificial intelligence

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently announced the introduction of two groundbreaking AI-powered features for Facebook and Instagram. These features are part of Meta’s innovative image-building model named “Emu.”

The first feature, known as “Emu Edit,” revolutionizes photo editing by allowing users to modify images through text commands.


This intuitive system enables users to effortlessly delete or reposition objects or people within a photo without the need for manual selection. The AI seamlessly integrates the user’s textual instructions with the image, automating the editing process.

The second feature, “Emu Video,” enables users to create videos either by typing instructions, uploading reference images, or a combination of both.


While the resulting videos are not entirely realistic, they represent a significant improvement in animation quality compared to Meta’s video creation system from the previous year.

The exact release date for these innovative features on Facebook and Instagram has not been disclosed yet.

These advancements mark a significant leap in AI-assisted content creation, potentially transforming how users interact with and produce digital content on these platforms.


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