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How to Make an Avatar on Instagram? Easy Explanation with Pictures

Hello to everyone from our How to Make Avatar on Instagram content. As you know, Zuckerberg made the name of his company Meta towards the end of 2021. He became one of the companies that entered the Metaverse the fastest.

And over time, he announced that the platforms within the company will gradually be changed to focus on Metaverse.

One of these developments came to the Instagram application as an avatar. In fact, it is seen as the biggest and initial step of integrating into Metaverse .


1. Click on the profile tab in the lower right corner

How to Make an Avatar on Instagram
How to Make an Avatar on Instagram

2. Click on the avatar tab next to your Profile Picture


3. Determine Your Avatar Skin Color


4. Determine your avatar’s hairstyle and other details


5. If your avatar is finished, click on the finished tab in the upper right corner and your avatar is ready.


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