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How Many People Own Cryptocurrencies in the World Have Been Announced

A report by Henley & Partners has shed light on the extensive global reach of cryptocurrency trading. According to their findings, approximately 425 million people worldwide are engaged in trading cryptocurrencies, with nearly half of these individuals, around 200 million, being Bitcoin users

This data not only highlights the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies but also indicates a significant number of people who view digital currencies as a viable investment tool.

The substantial number of Bitcoin users, in particular, reflects the leading position of Bitcoin (BTC) in the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, the report offers insights into the demographics of crypto millionaires and billionaires, further emphasizing the impact of cryptocurrencies in the realm of personal wealth and investment.

There are 88,200 crypto millionaires and 22 billionaires in the world!

How Many People Own Cryptocurrencies in the World Have Been Announced

The data from Henley & Partners’ report reveal some intriguing statistics about the distribution of wealth within the world of cryptocurrency. According to the report, there are approximately 88,200 individuals globally whose crypto assets are valued at over $1 million. Additionally, the number of people who possess more than $100 million in crypto assets stands at 182.

The report also sheds light on the exclusive club of crypto billionaires. It indicates that there are only 22 individuals whose cryptocurrency holdings exceed the $1 billion mark. This small number highlights the significant concentration of wealth at the very top of the cryptocurrency market, illustrating the vast financial impact that cryptocurrencies have had for a select group of individuals.

The number of Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires is as follows:


The data focusing specifically on Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, reveals an interesting wealth distribution among its investors. While the number of Bitcoin billionaires remains relatively low, the figures indicate that Bitcoin has been a lucrative investment for many. According to Henley & Partners, there are about 40,500 Bitcoin millionaires, but the count of Bitcoin billionaires is only 6.

This report is particularly noteworthy given the current volatile state of Bitcoin. The value of this leading cryptocurrency saw a decline of 11% in August. However, in the first six months of 2023, it experienced a substantial increase of around 80%. As of the time of the report, Bitcoin is trading at $25,752, reflecting the dynamic and fluctuating nature of the cryptocurrency market.


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