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How did we live without augmented reality in the near future?

Apple CEO Tim Cook made statements that will make a sound about augmented reality (AR), one of the technologies that will soon be more involved in our lives in the future.

Tim Cook, the head of Apple, sees augmented reality as a deep technology that will affect everything. According to Cook, in the near future augmented reality will be integrated into our lives, it will be at the center of life.

Virtual reality will be left behind

How did we live without augmented reality in the near future?
How did we live without augmented reality in the near future?

Virtual reality will not replace real life. About VR “Something you can really immerse yourself in can be put to good use. But I don’t think people want to live their whole lives this way. VR is for certain periods but not a way to communicate well. I’m not against VR, but that’s my opinion.”

Tim Cook: The average person asks “what is the metaverse?” can’t tell

Cook also spoke assertively about the metaverse integrated with Facebook. “It’s important for people to understand a product,” Cook said. I’m not really sure the average person can explain what the metaverse is.” said. Metaverse, as you know, was first used in the sci-fi novel Snow Crash, a word that was later adopted by Facebook. Facebook has embraced it so much that the company’s name has changed to Meta. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is committed to developing the future digital reality, the metaverse.

When will Apple’s AR and VR products be released?

Apple, continues to work on the augmented reality glasses that are said to be released in 2024, together with the virtual and augmented reality headset, which is expected to be introduced in 2023.

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