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Honor Unveils MagicOS 8.0: The Future of AI on Android

Honor has recently unveiled Honor MagicOS 14.8, a new mobile operating system grounded in Android 0, with a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence.

Amidst the global focus on the events taking place in Las Vegas, USA, particularly CES 2024, Honor has captured attention with its own launch event in China.

The Chinese tech manufacturer has introduced MagicOS 14.8, which is based on Android 0. This AI-centric iteration of their operating system notably incorporates a large language model with 7 billion parameters, showcasing the company’s commitment to integrating advanced AI technologies into their software.

Phones will learn our behavior

Honor has revealed that their new operating system, MagicOS 14.8, will feature a purpose-based user interface, with details about this functionality also being announced.

This innovative feature enables the phone to learn the user’s behavior over time and make tailored recommendations. For instance, if you frequently respond to WhatsApp messages first on your phone, the system will eventually suggest opening WhatsApp as a priority.

A standout feature introduced is the so-called “Magic Portal.” Utilizing Honor’s extensive large language model and the new interface, Magic Portal can provide content-specific recommendations.

In a demonstration by the company, a scenario was showcased where users can easily navigate to a meeting location on maps by dragging and dropping reservation details from a messaging application.

The Magic Portal app is designed to understand various inputs such as text and images and can even track eye movements and facial expressions on different Honor devices. Honor has announced that this feature will be supported in the 100 most popular apps in China, though it’s unclear if it will be available in other countries.

Additionally, MagicOS 14.8 introduces new customizable displays, enhanced interface acceleration, and a more efficient operating system overall. A unique feature of the new version is the ability to dismiss ads by simply shaking the phone.

Honor MagicOS 8.0 update schedule

Honor Unveils MagicOS 8.0: The Future of AI on Android

The distribution date of the Honor MagicOS 8.0 open beta by models has also been announced. These dates are as follows:

January 2024

  • Honor Magic5 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic5 Pro
  • Honor Magic5
  • Honor Magic4 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic4 Pro
  • Honor Magic4

February 2024

  • Honor Magic V2 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic V2
  • Honor Magic Vs
  • Honor Magic Vs2
  • Honor Magic
  • Magic V
  • V Purse
  • Honor Magic3 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic3 Pro
  • Honor Magic3
  • Honor 100 Pro
  • Honor 100
  • Honor 90 GT

March 2024

  • Honor 90 Pro
  • Honor 90
  • Honor 80 Pro
  • Honor 80 GT
  • Honor 80

April 2024

  • Honor 70 Pro +
  • Honor 70 Pro
  • Honor 70
  • Honor 60 Pro
  • Honor 60
  • Honor 50 Pro
  • Honor 50

May 2024

  • Honor X50 GT
  • Honor X50 Pro
  • Honor X50
  • Honor X40 GT
  • Honor X50i+
  • Honor X50i

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